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What is VCU FileDrop?

VCU FileDrop is a simple service for sending large files via email to others.

Send a file:

  • You can send to anyone with a valid email address.
  • Your files are stored for two weeks after which they are deleted automatically.
  • Your files are protected and cannot be downloaded without a unique passcode generated for each recipient.
  • Only VCU members can send files.

Get a file:

When someone sends you files, all you have to do is enter your email address and the passcode that's automatically generated (and sent to you via email). Once you've entered those, you can easily download the files you were sent. (Just make sure you do it within two weeks.)

Manage your files:

  • See who has downloaded your files and who hasn't. Get an email when everyone has downloaded all of your files.
  • Resend your files if someone needs a reminder.
  • Delete your files when everyone has downloaded them.
  • See what you sent, to whom, and when you sent it (even if it's no longer available).